Kirk Cameron And Ray Comfort Still Spewing Their Lies, Misrepresentations, And Scientific Ignorance

A reconstruction of Lucy on exhibit at the 
National Museum of Natural History in
the United States. Image credit: Mpinedag
Running out of new material to throw against evolutionists, Christian evangelists Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort had to dig up and rehash a decade old video segment from their television show Way of the Master. But here's the problem - the segment is rife with lies, misrepresentations and sheer ignorance.

The five-minute video which is a clip from an episode of the Way of the Master that first aired in 2005 (or 2006) had Comfort and Cameron trying to debunk the theory of evolution by arguing that no transitional fossils have been found to prove that modern man evolved from ape-like ancestors. Comfort re-uploaded the clip on the YouTube channel for Living Waters, the Christian ministry started by Comfort.

Of course, the scientific community disagrees. Many transitional fossils have been found. These may not number to the thousands that creationists like Comfort and Cameron would want to see but they pretty much support the evolutionary theory.

The God that Comfort and Cameron believes in forbids lying but the two evangelists lied several times during their attempt to take down evolution. They made their biggest lies when they grossly misrepresented facts and the scientific community's stance on Lucy, the Nebraska Man, the Piltdown Man and the Neanderthal Man. An article on the Iron Chariots website did a great job in discussing all these lies and misrepresentations. I highly suggest that you read it.

What's so damning about the re-uploading of the video on YouTube is that Comfort hasn't learned anything from the tons of blogs and websites that pointed out the lies and misrepresentations in the clip. In the video, Cameron says that "nearly all experts agree that Lucy is just the skeleton of a three foot tall chimpanzee". What experts are Cameron referring to? This is just a blatant lie. Anyway, below is the video, the comments section of which is rife with Christians gobbling up the lies of the two evangelists.