Paterno Cave And Bengaongao Cave In Ambongdolan, Tublay, Benguet

Advisory from the barangay hall of Ambongdolan:
1) Plan ahead and prepare. Have a guide with you at all times inside the caves.
2) Travel and camp on designated places.
3) Dispose garbage properly. No dumping of trash inside the caves.
4) Leave what you find. Taking stalagmites or stalactites with you is strictly prohibited.
5) Minimize campfire impacts. No fires inside the caves.
6) Respect wildlife. Do not hurt animals inside or around the caves.
7) Be considerate to other visitors.
8) All visitors to the caves must have guides at all times. No more than 10 people in the cave at one time.
9) One cave guide is limited to five visitors.
10) No writing or disfiguring of anything inside the cave walls or its surroundings.
11) All tourists must pay the guide fee.
Photo by Dean Cuanso of