The Best Movies And Documentaries About Genghis Khan And The Empire He Built With His Mongolian Army Hordes

Genghis Khan documentary by the BBC (2005) – This great effort from the BBC looks more like a movie than a documentary. It does not follow a standard documentary format. By standard documentary format, I mean to describe the common technique of re-enacting historical events with lots of talking heads inserted in and between. Such talking heads can be historians, scientists, anthropologists, scholars, etc. Genghis Khan features none of these talking heads. There’s only narration and the re-enactment of what’s being narrated.

Genghis provides an overview of Khan’s history from the second he was born to the minute he died. This is a really good documentary that gives you the meat of who Khan was, what he accomplished, and what kind of legacy he left behind.

Barbarians documentary by the History Channel (2003) - The tagline for this documentary is "Four barbarian tribes. A millennium of terror." That said, four historical civilizations are covered in this documentary: the Vikings of Scandinavia, the Goths who played a significant role in the fall of the Roman Empire, the Huns of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and of course the Mongols of historic Mongolia. Movies Featuring the Genghis Khan Storyline:
1. Genghis Khan, a 1950 Philippine film directed by Manuel Conde.
2. Changez Khan, a 1957 Indian film directed by Kedar Kapoor.
3. Changez Khan, a 1958 Pakistani film.
4. The Conqueror, released in 1956 and starring John Wayne as Temüjin and Susan Hayward as Börte.
5. Genghis Khan starring Omar Sharif.
6. Under The Eternal Blue Sky, a Mongolian film directed by Baljinnyam, which was released in 1990. Starring Agvaantserengiin Enkhtaivan as Temüjin.
7. Genghis Khan starring Richard Tyson, Charlton Heston and Pat Morita.
8. Genghis Khan - A Proud Son Of Heaven, made in Mongolian, with English subtitles.
9. Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea, also known as The Descendant of Gray Wolf, a Japanese-Mongolian film released in 2007.
10. Mongol, a film by Sergei Bodrov released in 2007. (Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film).
11. No Right to Die - Chinggis Khaan, a Mongolian film released in 2008.
12. By the Will of Genghis Khan, a Russian film released in 2009.