How To Pay For NBI Clearance At 7-Eleven (7/11) Stores

In this quick guide, I'm going to tell you the most basic steps in paying for your NBI Clearance via a 7-Eleven store. I am assuming that you have already applied for your clearance using the NBI Clearance Online Services website. And that you chose 7-Eleven as your mode of payment. If you haven't applied yet, I suggest that you apply right now. It's very easy. Trust me. Just go to and follow all the instructions there. It will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to finish your profile/account.

Keep in mind that the NBI no longer accept clearance applicants without an appointment. They have enforced the No Appointment, No Entry policy since December of 2016. You have to register online and set an appointment date in advance.

Once you have completed your applicant information sheet, here are the steps on how to finally request for your NBI Clearance and process your payment through 7-Eleven:
1. Visit the NBI Clearance Online Services website. Find the tab that says Apply For Clearance. Hit it.
2. You have to confirm your application by inputting the valid ID that you are going to present when you claim your clearance. (i.e. Voter's ID, Driver's Licence, Postal ID)
3. Select the NBI branch where you are going to pick up your clearance.
4. Select the date and time (morning or afternoon) of your appointment.
5. Select your purpose for applying. The choices are Local or Abroad.
6. Select your purpose details. Just choose from the dropdown menu.
7. To complete the transaction, you must choose your payment option. Your choices are as follows: Bank Over the Counter, Online Bank, Mobile Payment, Bayad Center, MultiPay, ECPay, 7-Eleven.
8. Choose 7-Eleven.
9. Copy the reference number. This is very important.
10. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store and find a Cliqq kiosk.
11. On the Cliqq kiosk's screen, tap Bills Payment.
12. On the list of billers, look for the NBI logo and tap it.
13. Type your reference number.
14. Type your mobile phone number.
15. Hit the final button.
16. Wait for the Cliqq kiosk to generate your receipt.
17. Present the receipt to the 7-Eleven cashier.
18. Pay the fee of 155 pesos.
19. Get the final receipt. Keep in mind that this receipt is different from the receipt generated by the Cliqq kiosk.
20. Now log-in into your account at the NBI Clearance Online Services website and check on the status of your application.The status should say Paid instead of Pending.

Note: You can always check into the status of your application by logging into your NBI account. Just go to the transactions section and it will show if your application is still Pending or Paid. If you have paid but the status still says that it's Pending, you should message the website using the Contact Us section.

The website also has a Help Desk that you can use. There's a list of landline and mobile phone numbers that you can call for help from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.
How long will it take for your payment to reflect on your application status? Based on my experience, my payment reflected within an hour. After paying at the 7-Eleven store, I logged into my NBI account to check and the status has changed from Pending to Paid.