Conrado V. Pedroche: Books, Poems, and Other Literary Works

Conrado V. Pedroche was a Filipino writer, poet, and essayist. He was born in Victoria, Tarlac on September 6, 1909. He obtained his Ph. D. degree at the University of the Philippines in 1932. 


Full Circle: A Literary Journey to This Moment (1977)
One World Comedy and Other Humorous Stories (1976)
Filipino Myths and Legends (1973)
Collected Poems (1973)
The Ginger Girl and Other Stories: a Book of the Philippine Folk Tales (1965)


An Infant's Death
Through Ages and Ages Eternal
Hymn to Labor
The Song of the Traveller
Spiders and Worms
To a Woman
Man Upon the Cross

Short Stories:

The Man Who Played for David
Ele-a-ese las be-o-bo
Donato's Quandary
The Song of the Golden Cricket
The Meadows
The Sad-Eyed Goldfish
The Ugly Butterfly
City of Grass
There Was a Boy Named David