Facebook Ads Account in Grace Period: How to Resolve the Issue

If Facebook is unable to charge and collect your payment for your ads at the end of the month, your Facebook Ads account will be placed under "In Grace Period". If you open the Facebook Ads app in your smartphone and press on the hamburger button, it says right there that your account is "In Grace Period". The only reason this happens is if you are unable to pay for your outstanding balance. 

If you go to Billing, there's a payment due notification there that says "We could not process your payment. Pay the amount due to keep your ads running." In other times, the notification says this: "We were unable to charge your ad account using __________ because you may have reached your card limit. Please add a new payment method or pay your card balance and try charging it again."

If you open your Ads account through a desktop browser, the "In Grace Period" tag isn't there. Your account only says that you have an outstanding balance and that you should pay for it immediately. 

An account being placed under "In Grace Period" is understandable. You have to pay for your outstanding balance before you are able to create another ad. But there's a problem that a lot of advertisers face when it comes to resolving this issue. Many of them get stuck "In Grace Period" despite paying for the outstanding balance. 

What's worse is that when you settle your balance, a notification will say that the payment went through but your outstanding balance still remains. It doesn't matter if you pay for the balance through the Ads app or through a desktop browser. The account keeps reverting back to one with an unpaid balance. It's very frustrating to say the least.

When I encountered this problem, I tried paying for the balance several times. I use three payment methods and I tried to pay for the balance using all of them but to no avail. My payment is not reflecting at all in my account. It just keeps on saying that I have a payment due.

The big question now is this. How do you resolve the issue? How do you make the "In Grace Period" tag go away?

I paid for my balance via PayPal and this was the message that I received: "Your PayPal (________) was successfully charged. It may take up to five minutes for this change to be visible on your account. You can now create new ads and any existing ads will start running again."

I waited for 5 minutes, an hour, a day. But the payment is still not reflecting in my account. 

Still clueless as to what the problem is, I consulted with Google. A lot of page owners and advertisers are having the same problems and issues. Solutions vary but these are the most common ones:

Ways on How to Fix and Resolve Your Facebook Ads Account That is "In Grace Period"

1. Submit a support ticket. This is the first thing you should do. Facebook Support can be very unreliable but you never know. Some users say their problems get fixed immediately, others say it took days to even receive a response, and some say they never heard back from Facebook. Nevertheless, submit a support ticket. It will take just a couple minutes of your time.

To submit a payment support ticket on the Ads smartphone app, go to the Main Menu, press Billing, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press Get Payment Support. From there, just follow the prompts.

2. Try paying again for you balance. On the app, go to Billing, press, Pay Now, and finish the transaction. If this doesn't work, try repeating the process. Some users say their payments went through after the second or third attempt. 

If your payment is still not reflected, try waiting for 24 hours. Check on your ad account the next day if the payment went through.

3. Try adding another payment method. There's a good chance that the problem is not with Facebook but with your payment method. The good thing is that Facebook allows several payment methods at once. This means that if your primary payment method doesn't work, it will try to charge your other payment methods. 

So add another payment method to your account and try paying again for your outstanding balance. 

4. Try deleting your primary payment method then add it back again. Then tray paying for your balance. Many users say this worked for them and it immediately removed the "In Grace Period" tag. For example, if your primary payment method is PayPal, delete PayPal as a payment method then add it back. Then go through the payment process all over again.