Poems by Guillermo Castillo

Argument in a Circle

God I debate with you about your being
but your arguments go a -circling confusing
till I believe only in the dizziness which is me
If this should go on how should You and I ever come to 
a conclusion?



bottled in glass prison
meaningless in itself
black and mute without a language
silent but strongly urged
to speak.

chance-impressed on white
inarticulate unintelligible chaotic
welcome on the bareness of white
but still foreign excommunicate.

But ink
pen-lifted pen-impressed
on black white paper
Interprets intensifies clarifies


Picture Show

By God’s divine will,
I waken sitting in the dark
with my attention set
upon a Screen before me
while God behind me in His closet
with His intricate machines
projects a Moving Picture Show
a masterpiece which we call – LIFE


I Bring Thee Great Wealth, Georgianna

I bring thee great wealth, Georgianna
I bring these to thee:
I bring thee a bird, Georgianna
A bird I bring thee;
I bring thee a rose, Georgianna
A rose I bring thee;
I bring thee my love, Georgianna
My love, all for thee;
Please give me your love, Georgianna
Please come live with me.

(I love you, go away, (said Georgianna.

I bring you a car, Georgianna
Hop in, drive with me;
Got plenty money, Georgianna...

(Yes yes! Let me see...
(I'm yours, let's away! (cried Georgianna.