A Child of Sorrow by Zoilo Galang (Novel)

A Child of Sorrow is considered as the first ever English-language novel written by a homegrown Filipino writer. The book was authored by Zoilo Galang and published in 1921.


The story revolves around two lovers, Rosa and Lucio,who had undergone a lot of tribulations in their relationship. They weretorn between fighting for their love or complying their responsibilitiesto their parents. Besides, there was Oscar who gave several quakes totheir strong ties. 

Until one night, Oscar raped the beautiful Rosa. Shewas helpless that time like a gazelle in the teeth of a lion. The two--Rosa and Lucio--said goodbye to each other with Rosa couldn't moveon and wept almost every day and Lucio who drowned himself inpaperwork, books, and all. At the end, Rosa died. 

[Source: Sophia Bual; academia.edu]