Pinklawan Meaning

"Pinklawan" is a Filipino slang term that combines the words "pink" and "dilawan". It was coined right around October of 2021 when Vice-President Leni Robredo filed her candidacy for President. Robredo chose the color pink for her  political branding in preparation for the upcoming election campaign.

People not supporting Robredo's candidacy use "pinklawan" to refer to political candidates aligned with Robredo and their supporters. Thus, if you are running for office and you are supporting Robredo's bid for the presidency, then you are a "pinklawan" in the eyes of Robredo's critics. You are also deemed a "pinklawan" if you are supporting or campaigning for Robredo and her allies. 

The term is used as a form of insult in the same way that "dilawan" was coined and used back in 2015-2016 during the national elections. Candidates under the Liberal Party and their supporters were branded as "dilawans". "Dilawan" because the color of the party was yellow. 

"Pinklawan" has registered heavy usage online especially on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. These social sites are flooded with thousands of "pinklawan" hashtags everyday. 

Although the term is used (mostly by Marcos supporters) as a derogatory term meant to insult Robredo supporters, some Robredo supporters have embraced the term. Some even welcome and encourage it. Their defense is that if "pinklawan" means supporting Robredo and her allies, then what's wrong with that?