Agusan del Sur Hymn Song and Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official provincial hymn of the province of Agusan del Sur. The lyrics were written by Perigrina Leonardo and the music was composed and arranged by Lea A. Guelos.

Hail, Agusan del Sur
The land we love and do adore
Land of spacious skies
And waves of verdant hills and dales
Land where tall trees want to reach the sky

Laughing rivers keep on winding by
All for thee, we march unto our destiny
With love and faith and loyal hearts so true
All for thee, we're all together fair
Or stormy weather
Hail, Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur March

Agusan my valley home is dear to me
Though from her my footsteps far may stray
Over mountains, valleys, plains and deep blue sea
I shall love her ever dear where'er I may

Agusan, the smiling land of beauty
Agusan, my heart clings unto thee
Though from her footsteps far away may stray
I shall love her ever dear where'er I may
(Repeat 2x)

About the Province of Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur is a province of the Philippine located in Mindanao. The municipality of Prosperidad serves as the province's capital. The province is comprised of 13 municipalities and 1 component city. These are Bayugan, Bunawan, Esperanza, La Paz, Loreto, Prosperidad, Rosario, San Francisco, San Luis, Santa Josefa, Sibagat, Talacogon, Trento, and Veruela.