Bontoc Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the town of Bontoc in Mountain Province. The title of the song is Bontoc, Our Home Swet Home. It was written and composed by Sofia Oakes Bacwaden.

With mountains tow'ring up high.
Shelt'ring villages nestled by.
And on the mountain slopes are terraces,
A legacy forefathers built that we,
May be blessed with food a plenty.

Cutting through this beauteous valley.
Flows the Chico River merrily.
Reaching out and doing wonders,
Giving life as it meanders.
To all plants and living creatures.

People in this hometown valley.
They're hard-working, brave, and friendly
And at all times when need arises,
They give their shares of love and treasures,
"Og-ogfo" the i-Fontok way

We, the people pledge our love and loyalty.
Bontoc our municipality
We lift in song our thanks to God the Father,
For this our land, our home beyond compare,
May He dwell and reign with us.

About the Municipality of Bontoc

Bontoc is the capital town of Mountain Province. It's a 2nd class municipality with a population of around 25,000. The town is composed of 16 barangays. These are Alab Oriente, Alab Proper, Balili, Bay-yo, Bontoc Ili, Caluttit, Can-eo, Dalican, Gonogon, Guinaang, Mainit, Maligcong, Poblacion, Samoki, Talubin, and Tocucan.