Igorot YouTubers, Vloggers, and Content Creators

Gorgeous George (Comedy; Facebook) - Gorgeous George has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook. His short comedy skits started gaining traction in 2019. The audience response to his videos was immediate and his popularity exponentially grew within a short period of time. His videos usually border on parody and satire. In many of his comedy sketches, he plays two or more characters so he has to do dress-up. He would usually put on wigs or make-up for female characters she's playing. Nearly all of his skits feature only himself. With the rise of TikTok, he also started integrating TikTok videos into his content.

Ingrid Payaket (Music; Facebook, YouTube) - Payaket first became a household name in the Cordillera region when she joined a singing contest being aired on national television. She didn't win the competition but her appearance in the show opened up a career for her as a musician. She is very active on social media. In her Facebook page, she regularly conducts live music sessions. She often sings songs requested by live viewers.