Kapangan Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the hymn song of the town of Kapangan in Benguet.

Beautiful place, peaceful land
Our homeland, beloved Kapangan
You are cherished, you are honored, you are blessed
Great and kind are your people
Offering food and help even to strangers
Then and now and ever
Do our best to build, sustain you
For all those who came before us
Sacrificed their lives for you

Kapangan, long may you live!
We will not fail, forsake you
With good governance we'll care for you
We will serve you with our hearts
With our wisdom and our strength
We'll never forget you
Though the days go by

Kapangan, our hometown
We hail, honor you
We hail, honor you
Now and ever more.

About the Municipality of Kapangan

Kapangan is one of the 13 municipalities of the province of Benguet. It's a 4th class municipality with a population of around 20,000 people. It has 15 barangays. These are Taba-ao, Sagubo, Pongayan, Pudong, Poblacion Central, Paykek, Labueg, Gasweling, Gadang, Datakan, Cuba, Cayapes, Boklaoan, Beleng-Belis, and Balakbak.