Tublay Hymn Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the town and municipality of Tublay in Benguet.

Oh hail Tublay(2x) Benguet town,
Up in the mountain high,
Blest with people gentle and warm,
Hard working, simple and calm,
Bounded close by a culture rare,
Rich in values like peace and care,
Oh hail Tublay up in the mountain high ..

Arise oh ye people of Tublay,
United we stand, to our battle cry,
together lets defend our ancestral land,
Values of traditions that are grand ,
Care and share God's great bounty,
Rich heritage for you and me,
Gob Bless Tublay forever and evermore ..

Oh hail Tublay, Oh hail Tublay,
Benguet town Dear land for you and me,
Blest with natures mountains and vales
farm land of streams flowns down the
vales orchids and caves of beauty,
And many more God's legacy,
Oh hail Tublay dear land for you and me ..

About the Town of Tublay

Tublay is one of the 13 towns within the territories of Benguet. It has eight barangays. These are Ambassador, Ambongdolan, Ba-ayan, Basil, Daclan, Caponga, Tublay Central, and Tuel. The town is classified as a 5th class municipality.