Man Robbing A Laundry Shop In Cebu Caught On Camera (Video)

A man was caught on camera robbing a laundry shop in Mandaue City, Cebu. Said man was captured on video through the CCTV cameras installed inside the laundry shop. The incident happened on February 23, 2014 which was a Sunday. The video footage shows a man wearing a red motorcycle helmet entering the laundry shop as a female employee opens the door.

The helmeted man immediately used a handgun to threaten the female employee and her companion. He then declared a hold-up. Frightened, the two female employees hid behind some of the washing machines. The man then proceeded to get cash from the register. He also took with him a laptop. It took him just about three minutes to enter, rob, and exit the laundry shop.

In the video provided below, the report on the robbery starts at the 0:40 mark.

Using the footage taken by the CCTV cameras, the man was positively identified as a former employee of the shop. According to the report by GMA News, this wasn't the first time that the man has stolen from a laundry shop. He's now being hunted by the authorities.