5 Reasons Why The Upcoming Filipino Movie Maria Leonora Teresa Will Suck

Pretty much every major Filipino movie that gets shown on wide release these days sucks. Just take a moment to mull over the 8 current top-grossing Tagalog films this year: 1) Starting Over Again, 2) Bride For Rent, 3) She's Dating The Gangster, 4) Maybe This Time, 5) Da Possessed, 6) Diary Ng Panget, 7) My Illegal Wife, and 8) Talk Back And You're Dead. Only an eight-year-old kid would watch any one of these movies and describe it as good.

Aside from their atrocious titles (Da Possessed? Seriously?), these movies are bad. They are so bad that calling them bad is an understatement. They are beyond bad. Unfortunately, it looks like the Philippine movie industry has no plans whatsoever of giving a stop to this parade of cinematic badness.

There's a horror film set to be released within this month called Maria Leonora Teresa that looks...yes of course, as expected...very bad. It's supposed to be a horror drama but after watching the trailer, you'd think that it's a freaking comedy. Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why Maria Leonora Teresa is going to suck.

1) Almost zero originality. Dolls terrorizing and killing people? We've seen these a gazillion times already.

2) There's the obligatory gay character whose job is to be annoying onscreen. Why does every Filipino film has to have an annoying gay character?

3) Gullible characters who are an insult to logical thinking. Your daughter dies, a creepy psychiatrist gives you an even creepier doll as some sort of a coping tool, and you are totally fine with that? 

4) Cliches, cliches, and cliches everywhere. Distant children's voices. Children laughing in the background. Sounds from a music box. Uuughhhhhh!

5) It's directed by Wenn Deramas, the guy behind movies with titles like The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, Momzillas, Sisterakas, and Petrang Kabayo. This alone is reason enough not to waste your money on this thing.
Maria Leonora Teresa stars Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, Jodi Sta. Maria, Joem Bascon, and Maria Isabel Lopez. It's scheduled to be released nationwide on September 17, 2014.