Freddie Aguilar's Iconic Song 'Anak' Gets An Electronica Treatment From London-Based Band

As one of the greatest Filipino songs ever written and sung, Freddie Aguilar's Anak has been covered countless of times both by local and foreign artists. Most of such covers stay true to the original song; that is it's sung as a sad ballad. Well, this has changed as a London-based band turned the song upside down with an electronica treatment.

It's a bit weird hearing the song and then developing the urge to stand up and dance when all your life you've listened to it often with a heavy heart. Who would've thought that one of the saddest songs ever written can be turned into a likable beat-driven electronica song.

The band behind the catchy cover is Ooberfuse, an electronica group based in London, England and composed of Hal St. John, Cherrie Anderson and Kinky Roland. For more information about the band, check out there website or connect with them on Facebook. Watch their cover of Anak below. Further down is the original by Ka Freddie.

Aguilar's most well-known tunes include Anak, Alaala, Ipaglalaban Ko, Bayan Ko, Pulubi, Ina, Kumusta Ka, Magbago Ka, Buhay, Sa Kuko ng Agila, and Estudyante Blues. Although Aguilar hasn't released new songs for quite some time, he still performs live every now and then in big and small concerts.

The members of Ooberfuse: Hal St. John and Cherrie Anderson. Photo from the band's website (
The members of Ooberfuse meeting Aguilar in Quezon City. Photo from the Ooberfuse Facebook page.
Here's the original by Ka Freddie: