Requirements In Getting Barangay Clearance Or Certificate Of Residency

Also referred to as a certificate of residency, the barangay clearance is another important government-issued document that can be used in various transactions either with government offices or with private institutions. For instance, it's a common requirement when you apply for a business permit with the concerned government agency. Likewise, it can also serve as a valid ID when you are going to open an account in a bank. For example, EastWest Bank accepts the barangay clearance as a document in lieu of a proof of billing when you open a savings account. These are just a few of the important uses of the document.

Barangay clearance requirements (bring these before you go to the barangay hall):
2. Processing fee - this should be less than 100 pesos
3. Complete application form - You can get the form from the barangay office. 
4. Bring any ID with you in case the barangay officer looks for identification. This is usually not required but bring one ID anyway just to be sure.
5. Keep in mind the reason why you're getting the clearance. The officer in charge will usually ask you where you're going to use the document. Your answer will reflect on the document itself.

Here's a quick list of some of the transactions where you can use a barangay clearance:
1. some employers require a barangay clearance from applicants
2. it's required when you apply for a business permit
3. it's required when applying for a Postal ID
4. you need it to get police clearance
5. you need it when getting NBI clearance
6. it's sometimes required when you apply to go abroad
7. it's required when you seek renewal for various licenses like driver's license and firearm's license
8. many financial institutions require the document when you apply for loans and financing options
9. it's required when applying for utility services water and electricity installations
Complete procedure in getting barangay clearance:
1. Obtain a cedula or community tax certificate from the municipal hall or city hall. In some regions, the cedula can be processed at the barangay office.
2. Prepare at least 100 pesos for the fee you are going to pay for your clearance. The fee should not exceed 100 pesos but it's important to be prepared for possible additional fees.
3. Go to the barangay office and tell the reception desk that you want to get a barangay clearance. The officer in charge will give you a form which you must fill up. Submit the form.
4. The officer in charge will process your document. This won't take long. It should take between 10 to 15 minutes. 
5. The officer in charge will print out your clearance which you should sign. You will also be asked to put your thumb print on the document.
6. The officer will stamp the barangay seal on the document. This is very important because some government offices and private institutions don't honor barangay clearances if these don't have a stamped seal.
7. Pay the fee and they'll give you the final document.
8. That's it. You now have a valid barangay clearance.