Books Featured On The Movie Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is an adventure comedy-drama film produced in New Zealand and released in 2016. It was written and directed by Taika Waititi. Waititi wrote the screenplay for the film based on a book by Barry Crump titled Wild Pork and Watercress. The film stars Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Rima Te Wiata, Rachel House, Rhys Darby, and Oscar Kightley.

In one of the opening scenes of the movie, a shelf of books was prominently featured. If you are wondering about the titles of the books stacked on the shelf and the one lying on the bedside table, I've made the following list below. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a New Zealand film so it makes complete sense that majority of the books are about New Zealand. There's a total of 16 books featured in the scene. I was only able to identify the titles of 11 of the books. So here they are:

1. Quake Cats: Heart-Warming Stories of Christchurch Cats by Craig Bullock
"These affecting Christchurch earthquake cat stories are perfect for all cat lovers. There are odd and quirky stories, funny stories, sad stories and stories that will surprise you or make you chuckle. Quake Cats includes inspiring tales of cats who were lost but then reunited with their owners, and the many narrow escapes of miraculous cats with nine lives."

2. Powell's Native Animals of New Zealand
"From tapeworms to sperm whales, no native animal escapes the pages of this wonderful book. The Art Deco cover design is pure kiwiana - and a familiar sight in many a New Zealand bach. Originally written by Dr Arthur William Baden Powell CBE, a famous New Zealand naturalist, it was first published in 1947. This latest edition has been refreshed by Dr Brian Gill, who was Auckland Museum’s Land Vertebrates Curator for over 30 years. Discover every New Zealand animal, Maori names and enjoy the exquisite, digitally-enhanced illustrations.

3. My Wicked, Wicked Ways by Errol Flynn
"A hero to millions who adored his portrayals of Robin Hood and Fletcher Christian, Errol Flynn (1909-59) lived a life that far surpassed any adventure he ever acted out on screen: exotic travels, criminal exploits, passionate love affairs, violent confrontations, scandals, and international fame. In this highly readable, witty and colourful autobiography, reissued by Aurum Press in B-format using the original uncensored text, Flynn reveals himself and his remarkable life as he did nowhere else."

4. New Zealand Sea Anglers' Guide by Raymond Doogue and John Moreland
"This book is perhaps best known for the118 illustrations in contains of the most keenly-sought and commonly-caught New Zealand sea fish. For each species there are also notes on distinguishing features, colour, distribution, Habits, General, other names, how they are caught and their food qualities." - Allan Burgess,

5. Animal Farm by George Orwell
Everyone knows that this book is about. If you haven't read it already, please go get a copy now. Seriously. :) 6. Landfall 90
"Landfall is New Zealand's foremost and longest-running arts and literary journal. It showcases new fiction and poetry, as well as biographical and critical essays, and cultural commentary." - Otago University Press

7. Kiwi Vagabond by E.S. Allison
"This book is the sequel to the author's first book Kiwi at Large. It tells of the writer's jorney from England across Europe and Asia and the Pacific to his homeland in New Zealand. He set out with 300 pounds and travelled some 25,000 miles. It is the story of a search across the world, and a pilgrimage to many places that had intrigued him for years: a village in Sicily, ancient Ithaca, Isphahan, Persepolis, Halicarnassos, Anzac, Kabul, a mountain in Kurdistan and Mandalay. "

8. From N to Z: A Humorous Survey of New Zealand by C.V. Smith
"From N to Z is a light-hearted, humours satire on New Zealand, written in a vein which can give offence to no one. The author, who is well-known in manufacturing circles, uses his dry humour to portray N.Z. life, and is ably assisted by the well-known N.Z. Cartoonist, G. E. Minhinnick." -

9. Bart: The Story of a Dog by Ormond Burton
"Ormond Edward Burton was a New Zealand-born teacher, soldier, war historian, Christian pacifist, Methodist clergyman, and writer, who was the co-founder (with Archibald Charles Barrington) of the Christian Pacifist Society of New Zealand. Burton was imprisoned several times for his opposition to World War II, and was expelled from the Methodist church." - Wikipedia

10. Schoolgirl Pluck by Rita Coatts
"Schoolgirl Pluck was an entertaining book at times, but a lot of it was kind of lame. It also isn't very original and it closely mimics other books in its genre." - Rebecca McNutt, Goodreads

11. Te Kooti Rikirangi General and Prophet by W. Hugh Ross 
"Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki was a Māori leader, the founder of the Ringatū religion and guerrilla fighter. While fighting alongside government forces against the Hauhau in 1865, he was accused of spying. Exiled to the Chatham Islands without trial along with captured Hauhau, he experienced visions and became a religious leader. In 1868 he led the escape of 168 prisoners, seizing the schooner Rifleman and sailing back to the North Island where he began a series of raids. A resultant military reprisal campaign became known as Te Kooti's War. He was pardoned in 1883 but continued to be active in spreading the Ringatu message of peace and reclaiming land from Pakeha." - Wikipedia