The Age of Umbrage by Jessica Zafra (Novel)

The Age of Umbrage is a novel in English by Filipino author Jessica Zafra. Zafra wrote the book in 2016 within a span of three months "after decades of false starts". 

It was published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press on September 26, 2020. The book's first edition cover features the artwork of Filipino artist and illustrator Bianca Alexandra Ortigas. 

Zafra launched the book online on October 17, 2020 at the Mt. Cloud Bookshop, a bookstore located in Baguio City, a tourist town within the province of Benguet. 

The book was made available for purchase online at Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Lazada, and Shopee. Prior to the book's online launch, Zafra announced that it will be available on Fully Booked, a bookstore chain in the Philippines.

The Age of Umbrage by Jessica Zafra Synopsis and Summary 

"Guadalupe, 15, is confused. She grew up in the house of one of the richest families in the world . . . in the servants’ quarters with her mother, the family cook. The life of luxury is all she knows, but it isn’t really her life. 

Unhappy in school, invisible at home, she lives inside her head, in a world made of books and movies. Outside, Manila is in turmoil: protest rallies, a bloodless revolution, coup attempts, and the Web hasn’t even arrived yet. When is Guada is going to leave her imaginary shelter and get a life? 

Funny, caustic, and moving, The Age of Umbrage is the first novel from one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Filipino writing."

The Age of Umbrage by Jessica Zafra Reviews

Christian on Goodreads: "I will read everything that Jessica Zafra writes. Her first novel, The Age of Umbrage, is a good coming-of-age tale of Guada, who was born to quarreling parents and grew up in a rich household where she developed her taste for films and literature. I saw some of myself in Guada, the nerd introvert who reads in family gatherings.

Zafra is a gift to Filipino nerds. In a country where any deviation to the 'traditionally normal' is verboten, she makes being different cool and okay."

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