The Best Nonfiction Books About Owls

The Owl: In Art, Myth, and Legend
by Krystyna Weinstein

This is a book that every owl enthusiast should own. Hardbound and in coffee table book format, this book creates an interesting bridge between folklore and owls. The idea for the book sprung from the author's interest in folklore and her husband's fascination with owls. Many of the works reproduced in the book are from their private collection of owl-related books, photos, and materials.

The book is heavily illustrated with photos and works of art depicting owls. It does seem like there's an art genre out there which is solely focused on the depiction of owls in drawings, paintings, and even sculpture. Humans have always been fascinated by the owl. We have been drawing and painting them for the longest time. 

This book offers a quick examination of the many ways that humans make art and stories because of their fascination of the owl. Weinstein takes readers on a journey around the world and across time periods. If you love owls, legends, myths, and stories, then read this book. It's really fascinating. It's richly illustrated with more than a hundred photos and art works.

Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl
by Stacey O'Brien