Besao Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the town of Besao in Mt. Province

High among the Cordilerras
Mid the mountains green
Where the lofty pine trees whisper
‘Neath the blue skies clear
Where the breezes cool blow gently
O’er the sunset red
Mid the Cordilleras grandeur
Besao proudly stands


Salidummay salidummay
Bless we one and all
For our town we love and honor
God bless our Besao

There among the hills and mountains
Sturdy people dwell
Farmers, teachers, nurses, drivers
Other trades as well
Through the other climes they wander
Ever in their hearts
In Besao they forget never
Hail Besao all hail

About the Municipality of Besao

Besao is one of the 10 municiplities composing Mountain Province. It's only a 30-minute drive from the tourist town of Sagada. Besao has 14 barangays. These are Kin-iway, Tamboan, Suquib, Payeo, Padangaan, Laylaya, Lacmaan, Gueday, Catengan, Besao East, Besao West, Banguitan, Ambagiw, and Agawa.