Bakun Hymn - Song and Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the town of Bakun in Benguet.

Where those multi-falls gush on forever
Long adored by our great, great forefathers
Dozen facial and couple sleeping beauties
Mold a part of our future poetry


Singing to you dear Bakun
Singing to you our mountain home
We hear your voice like a bell that tolls
And cascades to our waterfalls

Heaven's gift and treasures on His creation
Our ancestors had been in possession
Our aborigines have baptized in one name
Foreign letters confirmed Bakun

We're singing along, we're the pride of Bakun
We're the sons and daughters of Bakun
We're loyal and true to whatever we do
Our love will be forever for you

(Repeat refrain)

So daughters and sons of beloved Bakun
We will fight for the right we adore
We'll uphold the honor of our sweet home
Our land, our town, our Bakun

About the Town of Bakun

Bakun is one of the 13 towns composing the province of Benguet in the Philippines. It's an agricultural town. It's composed of 7 barangays. These are Ampusongan, Bagu, Dalipey, Gambang, Kayapa, Poblacion, and Sinacbat.