Buguias Hymn - Song and Lyrics

We're not sure if these are the actual lyrics for the official hymn song of the town of Buguias. A reader sent us these lyrics. We are still in the process of verifying if these are the actual lyrics.

Home of the green gold and the misty mountains
Rich farms and valleys beautiful land of springs
Your winding river nourishes land and people
Buguias my dear home my heart belongs to you
Your mountain ranges gives life to sturdy pine trees
Your lovely valleys cradle the garden grains
Carrots and potatoes grow on the hills and valleys
Buguias my dear home pride of the farmers bold
Land of my father
Oh , land where I was born
I pledge my loyalty and my life to you
May God protect you and bless your farms and people
Pride of my childhood
Home of the green green gold

About the Town of Buguias

Buguias is one of the municipalities of the province of Benguet. The town got its name from "bugas" or "begas", the local term for "rice". The municipality has 14 barangays. These are as follows - Abatan, Amgaleyguey, Amlimay, Baculongan Norte, Bangao, Buyacaoan, Calamagaan, Catlubong, Loo, Natubleng, Poblacion, Baculongan Sur, Lengaoan, and Sebang.