Sablan Hymn - Song and Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the hymn song of the town of Sablan in Benguet.

There is a place, so dear to me
Where lowlands meet the highlands
To Join hands as one
A place where one can rest
Where birds sing in the trees
Rich with nature's beauty and tranquility

Hail Sablan! Dear Sablan!
Gateway to the Cordilleras, my Sablan

Fresh water falls from verdant mountains flow
Gentle breezes blowing from thy loving breast
Grains in fields abound, fruits grow all around
Vegetables and root crops and the tiger grass

Hail Sablan! Dear Sablan!
Pride of everybody in this happy land
This is the home of kind and gentle folks
God-fearing and peace-loving
Industrious, wise, and bold
Land of the free, my heart clings unto thee
I shall love thee ever be where e'er I may

Hail Sablan! Dear Sablan!
May the Lord protect and bless her ever more

About the Town of Sablan

Sablan is one of the 13 towns of the province of Benguet. It has eight barangays namely Bagong, Balluay, Banangan, Banengbeng, Bayabas, Kamog, Pappa, and Poblacion. The town derived its name from "sabdang", a tree that thrives in the town.