Mt. Lambi in Barangay Kayapa in Bakun, Benguet

Mt. Lambi is a mountain located within the vicinity of barangay Kayapa in the town of Bakun in Benguet. In 2022, the tourism council of the town started exploring the site for potential opening as a tourist destination. 

In August of 2022, the town posted a drone video of the mountain on their official Facebook page with the following caption: "Mt. Lambi, one of the proposed tourist attractions of Barangay Kayapa, Bakun, Benguet. It will soon be opened to tourists once the trail from sitio Nalbo to Nagawa will be cleared or established."

Kayapa is one of the seven barangays of Bakun. The other six are Ampusongan, Bagui, Dalipey, Gambng, Poblacion, and Sinacbat.

The town is already home to several tourist destinations, mostly for hikers and trekkers looking for a mountain to climb. Located in barangay Poblacion are Mt. Kabunian and Mt. Lubo. Located in barangay Sinacbat is Mt. Tenglawan.

Bakun is also home to several waterfalls - Tekip, Mangta, Pattan, Sakup, Pikaw, Tres Marias, and Beey Manok. 

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