Imelda And The Clans: A Story Of The Philippines by Beatriz Romualdez Francia (Book)

Imelda And The Clans: A Story Of The Philippines is a book written by Beatriz Romualdez Francia. It was published in 1988 by Solar Publishing Corporation.

From the back cover:

Beatriz Romualdz Francia is an award-winning poet who has written a musical play, worked as a journalist, and written several columns. She has been described by Adrian Cristobal, president of the Writers Union of the Philippines, as being among the foremost women writers in the country.

Since age ten, she has been one of her aunt Imelda's closest observers and was jailed by the Marcoses in '72 for her fiercely independent writing.

She opened Cafe Los Indios Bravos, Manila's first literary cafe in the '60s, helped found a film society, ran her own art gallery in San Francisco, and was the librettist and co-producer of Mahal, a rock musical ("mind-blowing." according to one review) which ran at the CCP theatre and was televised as a TV special.

In San Francisco, Beatriz worked for a Republican think-tank, the Institute for Contemporary Studies.