What Does It Mean to be a Rising Creator on Facebook?

I received a notification today on Facebook with regards to one of several pages that I manage. The notification congratulates the page for earning a spot in the top 1% of rising creators within a particular week. Below is a copy of the notification. The notification also came with a quick explanation as to what consitutes a "rising creator".

Congratulations, ___________, you've earned a spot in the top 1% of rising creators this week.

What's a rising creator?

*The rising creator title shows that your content has received strong audience engagement, while meeting quality, originality and integrity guidelines.

*The title now displays on your Page with your self-selected category and in creator recommendation units which may help grow your audience.

*The title is awarded for 1 week at a time, is re-evaluated weekly, and, when lost, can be earned again in the following weeks(s).

*Changing Page category may void a current rising creator title, causing its removal.

After receiving the notification, I checked the Page in question and yes indeed, it now has a Rising Creator badge.

What does this mean for your page?

It looks like there are two main benefits that a Page will reap if given a Rising Creator label. One, posts in the Page will be seen by more people. Getting the label means Facebook recognizes the content of the Page. Thus they will surely give the Page a boost in their algorithms. Another huge benefit of getting the label is that it will be easier for people to find and discover the Page. When Facebook announced the new feature, they specifically stated that the "Rising Creator Labels allow people to discover up-and-coming creators who are the best at building engaging communities on Facebook."

This is a great way to reward Page owners who work very hard to come up with original and engaging content. However, the label will only stay for a week. Facebook is basically saying that they will refresh the algorithm every week and if your Page doesn't meet whatever requirements they have, your Page will be booted out. It sounds a bit harsh but it makes sense and it's fair.