Invented Eden: The Elusive, Disputed History of the Tasaday by Robin Hemley

Ivented Eden: The Elusive, Disputed History of the Tasaday is a nonfiction book written by the American journalist Robin Hemley. It was first published in 2003 by Farrar, Straux aand Giroux. A Philippine edition was published in 2004 by Anvil Publishing, Inc. A new edition was published in 2017 by the University of Nebraska Press. Hemley prefaced the Philippine edition of the book that the book is "not an anthropology text". He added that the book is "a history of the Tasaday phenomenon and, more importantly, it's a book about the media, especially the Western media, and its slapdash and often cynical treatment of tribal minorities and others it wishes to either romanticize or demonize."

It took Hemley nearly seven years to research and write the book. Hemley interviewed anthropologists in the United States and the Philippines on both sides of the controversy. Hemley arrived in the Philippines in January 1999 to gather material for the book. The first draft for the book was enormous with 800 pages. With the advice of his editor, Hemley trimmed the book and cut out hundreds of pages. 

Table of Contents:

A Note on Spellings
1. A Meeting Between Centuries - 3
2. Protector of the Primitive - 9
3. The Center for Short-Lived Phenomena - 23
4. Message from the Stone Age - 31
5. Tourists in Paradise - 55
6. A New Society - 73
7. Passion Play - 87
8. "Crimed Up Very Badly" - 99
9. A Smoking Gun - 107
10. Quiet Understandings - 117
11. Heart of Greyness - 121
12. Tribal Warfare - 147
13. Return of the Native - 159
14. Video Tribe - 167
15. Loaded Words - 179
16. Trial in the Jungle - 185
17. Your Own Private Tasaday - 199
18. Missing Links - 217
19. Good Men - 231
20. Postcard from the Stone Age - 239
21. Confirmation Bias - 281
Notes - 311
Selected Bibliography - 321
Acknowledgements - 329
Index - 331

Further readings about the Tasaday story:

1. "Dream Jungle" by Jessica Hagedorn - This is a novel that was inspired and based on the events of the Tasaday story. Hemley and Hagedorn worked on their Tasaday books almost at the same time.
2. "The Tasaday Hoax: The Never-Ending Scandal" by Christian Adler
3. "The Tasaday: Media Circus and Sci-Fi" by Arnold Molina Azurin
4. "A Tasaday Folio; The Tasaday Controversy: Proceedings of the International Anthropological Conference on the Tasaday Controversy and Other Urgent Anthropological Issues" by Jerome Bailen
5. "The Incredible Tasaday: Deconstructing the Myth of a 'Stone-Age People'" by Gerald D. Berreman
6. "The Strange Case of the Tasaday: Were They Primitive Hunter-Gatherers or Rain-Forest Phonies" by Bruce Bower
7. "The Tasaday Stone Axes - What Do They Tell Us?" by Robert L. Carneiro
8. "The Tasaday: First a Hoax and Then a Cover-Up" by Oswald Iten
9. "The Gentle Tasaday: a Stone Age People in the Philippines Rainforest" by John Nance
10. "First Glimpse of a Stone Age Tribe" by the National Geographic