Militant But Groovy: Stories of Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan

Militant But Groovy: Stories of Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan is a nonfiction/anthology book compiled and edited by Soliman M. Santos Jr. and Paz Verdades M. Santos. It was published by Anvil in 2008. The book contained articles by Ernesto M. Valencia, Soliman M. Santos Jr., Ernesto M. Hilario, Isagani R. Serrano, Rolando Pena, Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., Ricco Alejandro M. Santos, Alex F. Ontong, Jaime R. Regalario, Jerusalino V. Araos, Romeo DLC. Candazo, Manuel S. Calizo, Juan Antonio A. Perez III, Ramon L. Fernan III, Jonathan A. Dela Cruz, Efren R. Abueg, Behn Cervantez, Jorge V. Sibal, Lynn Polintan-Castilla, and Vivencio R. Jose.

From the book's back cover:

"The world of my SDK seems like a dream to me now. But it's a dream that keeps coming back, like deja vu. Some of the images look vivid, others are simply too distant and faded...I see Tonyhil, Sid and myself, clad in Che Guevarra jackets tailored by my brother for our threesome, hiking from Diliman to Malolos in midsummer. I remember us three doing this a few times for good reasons, romantic or otherwise. We were preparing our legs, and our hearts as well, for what we were told was the coming high-level struggle." - Isagani R. Serrano

"SDK members had a peculiar closeness to each other that seemed different from those of other groups...Some members were given to hugging when they greeted each other. This was called "givinga revolutionary warmth" until the practice was discouraged because outsiders interpreted this sometimes as an expression of looseness in sexual practice...In the evening, comrades of different sexes lay side by side on banigs on apartment floors without anybody having to fear for his or her chastity. Most of the time." - Ernesto "Popoy" M. Valencia

"After a while the whole HQ wakes up to the aroma of food. Three pieces of small tuna sauteed in three tomatoes and as many onions and bits of garlic, swimming in a sea of tap water that turns the gooey red sauce of the canned delight into a boiling pot of thin liquid barely able to make it to orange. And it feeds all twenty-nine SDK rebels who spent the night at the Kamuning base. This is us, SDK-QCM. Ligo con Pacific Ocean. And it is good...Things are good." - Alex F. Ontong

From the Introduction:

Why this book of SDK stories?

Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (Democratic Association of Youth, SDK), one of the more prominent Filipino youth activist organizations of the early 1970s, was in existence from 1968 to 1975, or about seven years. This book revisiting SDK started as a project in late 1994 and has since been an on-and-off effort, gaining its second and final wind only in 2005 to make it for publication in 2007, thus about a dozen years in the making. Why making the book about SDK took longer than the life itself of SDK also tells us why a book like this had to come out.