Girl's Pet Iguana Runs Away, She Finds It Languishing In Jail

An iguana in jail. That's a sentence you'll never expect to ever come across. But a woman in Texas really had to pick her pet iguana in jail after losing it for about two weeks. Apparently, the iguana escaped from its owner's house, was found by the local police, and having no idea where to keep it, the police decided to put the iguana in a prison cell. The iguana which its owner has named Sid is about four feet long and weighs five pounds. So it's basically a small dinosaur.

Here's Sid, spending some time in jail:
The owner, who posted Sid's photo and story on Reddit said "I talked to my neighbor and let them know and they told me that the police department behind our houses came and were looking for the owner. I am in the process of moving houses which was how he escaped and why I missed them when they came looking for me. I called them and let them know who I was and then we worked out everything from there."

Sources: Imgur, Reddit