Girl Graduates By The Bedside Of Her Terminally Sick Mother

"It's seeing things like this that makes me realize I complain about too many things that really don't matter." This is one of the hundreds of comments left by netizens who saw the photo of Megan Sugg graduating at the bedside of her mother who is dying from cancer. It's a sentiment that I'm sure a lot of us who saw the picture and read the story have.

Wearing her white cap and gown, Megan listened to her high school principal Vickie Plitt recite a graduation speech. In front of them is Megan's mom Darlene in her bed. Darlene was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2010. When it became apparent that Darlene may not make it to Megan's graduation which will be on June 10, her family and staff from the Glen Burnie High School decided to do a private graduation ceremony so that Darlene can see her daughter receive her certificate.

The Maryland Gazette reported that Megan "wants to pursue a career as a dietician and fitness model — a dream she often discussed with her mother" after her graduation.

Photo: Maryland Gazette