Meet Eleanor, A Squirrel Raised By A Man Since It Was A Baby

Mark was remodeling a house when he accidentally tore out a squirrel nest. Finding a baby squirrel which at that time was about three to four weeks old, mark decided to take care of the baby squirrel.

In a post on Reddit, Mark narrated: "I immediately Googled baby squirrel care. You have to keep them warm and make sure they are hydrated. They get dehydrated extremely quickly! I fed her puppy milk replacement formula with a small syringe. It wasnt too difficult and there is a lot of good info on the internet. She now eats avocados, pears, apples, and whatever she finds in the yard. She comes inside a lot when the patio door is open. She usually just hangs out on the curtains. Its been really interesting and rewarding. I have a totally new perspective on these little critters."

Mark released Eleanor back into the wild but it insists on living at his house deck. Below are a couple of videos starring Eleanor courtesy of Mark.

Here's Eleanor playing with Mark:

Here's Eleanor feasting on walnuts: