Gigantic Uruk-Hai Orc Goes Shopping In A Mall In The Netherlands

Shoppers at a mall in the Netherlands had mixed reactions when they saw a 7-foot tall Uruk-Hai shopping in their midst. Some got scared but most had a good laugh. An Uruk-Hai is a large breed of orc, a fictional character that appeared in the Lord of the Rings books and movies. Monstrous and merciless, they make up the evil armies in the books and in the film adaptations.
The man in the costume is Olivier Richters. In a Facebook post, Richters stated that after helping his friend Rossane Puck Aafjes with a graduation assignment which involved dressing up Richters as an Uruk-Hai orc, they decided to have some fun and hit a local shopping mall while wearing the complete costume and make-up.