Adorable 5 Year Old Girl Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up

Sadie, a 5 year old girl from Phoenix, Arizona doesn't want her baby brother Carson to grow up. In a video that went viral online when it was uploaded on YouTube, the adorable girl is seen crying out loud while hugging Carson and kissing the baby's head. "I don't want him to grow up!" she exclaimed while tears flowed out of her eyes. While her big sister cries her heart out, Carson sat beside her, looking up at her and smiling at one point.
Sadie too doesn't want to die when she gets to a hundred. Don't we all? In an email sent by Ryan Miller (Sadie's father) to Time, Sadie "cried about not wanting to get older herself in the past, but this was the first time she was upset about her brother." He adds, "The funny thing is that this was totally out of the blue — we have no idea what prompted it."