Son Films His Father Turn A Chunk Of Wood Into A Beautiful Work Of Art

For years, videographer Phil Holland has enjoyed listening to his father Alan talk about his passion - woodturning, a form of woodworking that makes use of a lathe to create wooden objects. Through the years, Phil was a witness to his father's immense fascination with his brand of art.

He saw Alan reclaim pieces of wood that other people have discarded for being imperfect. Alan would then turn these imperfect pieces of wood into perfect pieces of art.

As a professional videographer, Phil has always thought of documenting his father's work process. He got the chance to do so during one of his visits to his father's place. He filmed Alan create a classic wooden bowl from a rough cut of wood. Watch Alan create the piece below.

Alan has been a professional woodworker for most of his life; over 40 years to be exact. Even with a weakening vision due to advancing age, Alan continues to thrive at his craft. His son Phil is a professional videographer and you can see more of his work on his website.