The Best Books About the Bataan Death March in the Philippines

Undefeated (America's Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor), 2012
by Bill Sloan

Tears in the Darkness (The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath), 2010
by Michael Norman and Elizabeth Norman

Bataan Death March (A Survivor's Account), 1944
Previously titled The Dyess Story (The Eye-Witness Account of the Death March from Bataan and the Narrative of Experiences in Japanese Prison Camps and of Eventual Escape)
by Lt. Col. William E. Dyess

When it comes to history books (especially ones about wars and violent conflicts), it's always a good idea to read first those written by men and women who actually experienced the wars and conflicts being talked about in the book. This is what makes this book special and a must-read for history buffs. It was written by someone who actually was there and participated in the infamous march. 

Dyess was shipped to Manila in the spring of 1941 as an army pilot. The young Texan was among those captured when the combines American and Filipino forces surrendered to the Japanese army. In a daring attempt to achieve freedom, Dyess escaped from his POW camp and made it back to the United States. He was among those who first brought home actual reports about the unimaginable suffering experienced by Filipino and American soldiers during the Bataan Death March. 

Historical articles about the Bataan Death March are often too neutral and devoid of sympathy. They usually list the numbers and statistics of the wars. In his book, Dyess gives these statistics their well-deserved humanity. He puts faces to the thousands who suffered and died during and after the march. 

Ghost Soldiers (The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission), 2001
by Hampton Sides

My Hitch in Hell (The Bataan Death March), 1995
by Lester I. Tenney

Bataan (The March of Death), 1962
by Stanley L. Falk

Inside the Bataan Death March (Defeat, Travail, and Memory), 2014
by Kevin C. Murphy

Philippines' Resistance (The Last Allied Stronghold in the Pacific)
by Stacey Anne Baterina Salinas and Klytie Xu

I Was on Corregidor (Experiences of an American Official's Wife in the War-Torn Philippines), 1943
by Amea Willoughby

We Band of Angels, 1999
by Elizabeth Norman

Never Plan Tomorrow, 1992
by Joseph A. Petak

Doomed Horsemen of Bataan, 2016
by Raymond G. Woolfe

The Battle of Bataan, 1992
by Donald J. Young

Bataan, Our Last Ditch: The Bataan Campaign, 1942, 1990
by John W. Whitman

General Wainwright's Story, 1970
by Jonathan M. Wainwright

The Fall of the Philippines, 2016
by Louis Morton

The Naked Flagpole, 1980
by Richard C. Mallonee

The Battle of Bataan: America's Greatest Defeat, 1969
by Robert Conroy

Outnumbered, Outgunned, Undeterred: Twenty Battles Against All Odds, 2011
by Rob Johnson

The Reckoning
by John Grisham 

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