Antique Hymn Song Lyrics (Antique, Banwa Nga Hamili)

These are the lyrics for the official provincial hymn of the province of Antique in the Visayas. The hymn was written and composed by Dante Beriong and Cesar Bandiola. The lyrics are in the Kinaray-a or Karay-a language.

Antique, Banwa Nga Hamili

Antique, ang banwa ko
Bugay kang maka-ako
Bug-os ang kasaysayan kang nagriligad
Sa diin ang unang barangay ginpasad
Antique nga maanyag
Buta kang duna nga manggad
Ang imong baybayun kag kapatagan
Angut sa putli mo nga kabukidan.


Antique, banwa nga hamili
Busay kang amon kabuhi
Himpit kag tayuyon nga palanggaon
Ang imong pag-ugwad matigayon.
Dungog kang imong katawhan
Kamal-aman kag kabataan
Sandig sa ginpasad kang kadatu-an
Banwa nga hilway kag may kalinungan

(Repeat Refrain twice)

English Translation
(by Ulysses C. Loresto)

Antique, my hometown beloved
Bequest from the Creator above
Great is the story of thy noble past
Where the first barangay was formed & cast.
Antique beautiful indeed
Endowed with nature’s bounty & wealth
Thy gem of pristine seas and sprawling plains
Embracing thy immaculate mountains.


Antique, our most precious province
Fountain of our very existence
Worthy of our unbounded affection
Thy growth & progress, our aspiration.
Honor & pride of thy people
Youngsters & elders we adore
Founded on the wisdom of the Datus’ way
Land where freedom and peace do always hold sway.

About the Province of Antique

Antique is a province in the Philippines located within the Western Visayas Region. Its capital is San Jose de Buenavista. The province is composed of 18 municipalities. These are Anini-y, Barbaza, Belison, Bugasong, Caluya, Culasi, Hamtic, Laua-an, Libertad, Pandan, Patnongon, San Jose de Buenavista, San Remigio, Sebaste, Sibalom, Tibiao, Tobias Fornier, and Valderrama.