University of Antique Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn of the University of Antique. It's called The UA Hymn. The lyrics were written by Deogracias Petinglay and the music was composed by Manser E. Huera. The hymn is played or sung during official and special occasions in the university.

Verse 1:
Alma matter a dream come true
For those whose life careers pursue
Resource of arts and knowledge trove
Allegiance firm to thee we prove


UA Antique’s pride
For lore whose portals open wide
God bless your efforts to produce
Self-directed Filipinos

Verse 2:
Thy income earning plain and slopes
Curricula of varied scopes
With zeal inspire the rural youth
In quest of virtues, skills and truth

Verse 3:

Men of vision your base did found
Strongly anchored on solid ground
Ace architects to lofty heights
Your standards raise as beacon lights

About the University of Antique

UA is a state university in the province of Antique. It was established in 1954. It was originally called the Antique School of Arts & Trades. Then this was changed to Polytechnic State College of Antique. Then finally to its current designation as a university. The school's main campus is located at Sibalom. It has satellite campuses located at Hamtic, Tibiao, Caluya, and Libertad.