Basilan State College (BaSC) Hymn Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics for the official hymn song of the Basilan State College which is located in Isabela City. The lyrics were written by Dr. Carolina Q. San Luis and the music was composed by Paul Enriquez.

In this island South of our Country
Lies a School of higher knowledge
With her goals and our aspirations
We attain and we achieve

With honors filled with her glory
In her halls we learn the truth
Oh! State School We all were
We vow our Praises through
Oh! Basilan State College

We sing this hymn for you
We pledge support forever
To work with lofty aims
Hails! Alma Mater help us
In all that's right and true
Dear Basilan State College

About the Basilan State College

BaSC is a state college in the Philippines established in 1966. It currently has its main campus in Isabela City with extensions in Tipo-Tipo, Maluso and Lamitan. It has as its motto: "Moving toward greater heights." The school offers post-graduate courses, undergraduate courses, and 2-year non-degree courses.